Lance Wilkinson

Lance Wilkinson

Lance Wilkinson is currently a Character Artist for TT Fusion in Manchester, UK. Lance graduated from the University of Bolton in 2013 and landed his first professional role as an Artist at the indie studio Clever Beans working on various prototypes. After a year at Clever Beans he landed a role as a Character Artist at TT Fusion with his latest contribution being LEGO Batman 3 : Beyond Gotham. His tips for aspiring artists: Grow a thick skin and actively seek feedback and critiques and make your work known. Always have a personal project on the go and try to keep yourself up-to-date and fresh with the latest happenings in the industry. An up-to-date and well maintained website will help potential employers show that you’re keen and interested. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to your passion in the beginning, but like many things, the more you put in the better off you’ll be.

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Title: Zbrush UI & Helpful Features I use on my UI
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Title: Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques
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Title: Keyshot Passes and Photoshop Composite
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Title: Free Tiling Hand Painted Textures
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Title: Free Hand Painted Weapons.EPIC LOOT!
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