Kalen Chock

Kalen Chock

Kalen Chock is a Visual Development Artist currently working on his own tactical RPG with Coda Games that will be released on Steam and PS4. Kalen
has worked for companies such as Cryptozoic, Industrial Light and Magic, Autodesk, Fantasy Flight and Virtual Toys in Madrid.

His advice for artists just starting: Do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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Title: Environment Design: Planning/Lighting/Texturing
Price: $5

Title: Sci-Fi Environment Design
Price: $5


Title: Perspective Template
Price: $0

Title: Creating Fantasy Environments Thumbnails and Approaching/Exploring Color PACKAGE Price: $6


Title: Free Painting Session:Making Mistakes
Price: $0

Title: Confidence with Color
Price: $3

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