Darek Zabrocki

Darek Zabrocki

Darek Zabrocki is a concept artist and illustrator living in Gdansk. He works for both video game and movies industry. He started at the age of 3 and at first it was nothing but a hobby. He always wanted to develop this passion as he frequently feels the connection with the worlds he creates. He almost immerses himself into them as a whole.
In 2007 he switched from traditional techniques to digital painting and began dealing with this professionally. What he loves about the art is just trying new things, taking up new challenges and facing with weaknesses to become better artists. He doesn’t hesitate to use as many tools as he can just to bring best results and keep evolving as an artist and as a person. He also finds it exciting to jump into the unknown and try different things anytime. His clients list includes companies like: BigPoint, 20th Century Fox, Isotx, Axis, Radical, Fantasy Flight Games and many others.

His tools nowadays are mostly: Photoshop, and all range of traditional medias.

Here are Darek’s tips to artists who are trying to make it in the industry:
Never give up, don’t listen to all of the comments around. Try to pick up the reasonable opinions but mostly follow your heart. If you feel you really want to do this, being concept artist is not easy job to deal with. You have to sacrifice a lot, especially at the beginning, you will probably screw up a lot of things like: health, relationships, and mostly you will do much more worse works than good ones. But if you feel you really want to devote all of these things just do it and then you can play hard. So basically : “Work Hard, Play Hard” really works in real life. You just have to start, and don’t stop.


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Title: Creating The Mood Painting for Video Game and Movie Part 1
Price: $5

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